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mercoledì 24 aprile 2019

Letter from the SIDeLP President

The Italian Society of Freelance Professional Dermatologists (SIDeLP) announces the 2019 Interdisciplinary Consensus Conference to be held in the magnificent setting of the University of Parma’s Aula Magna where Vittorio Mibelli and Domenico Majocchi taught.

It’s going to be an enthusiastic return to the future, where all of you are invited to take part as key players and members of SIDeLP

SIDeLP has started on a new, unknown and original membership and educational route: it has become the official Italian organisation and the European headquarters of the World Health Academy & World Health Academy of Dermatology

From today, SIDeLP is now rightfully part of International Dermatology’s largest global village, ready to promote Italian and European excellence in the world and to take in and develop everything that emerges from the International Scientific Community. Be Ready, we are here, ready to serve –

SIDeLP has its own official publication reviewed in PubMed and Scopus:
Dermatologic Therapy is therefore the official publication of SIDeLP / WHA, your official publication. All SIDeLP members will receive Dermatologic Therapy by Wiley-Blackwell. You will receive Dermatologic Therapy.

SIDeLP has much more to offer. We will talk about it in the near future, a future that you and everyone else are asked, from today, to write and decide.

Our Consensus Conference in November is coming. Dr. Francesca Satolli, Vice President of the SIDeLP Board of Directors and Prof. Claudio Feliciani, Director of the Dermatological Clinic of the University of Parma are already working with all the members of the SIDeLP Board of Directors to offer us an Italian and international educational event, which is sure to be memorable and unmistakeably interactive.

To date, colleagues from 21 countries in the five continents have confirmed their presence at SIDeLP in Parma at the end of November.

We can’t wait to see you there.

The Members of the SIDeLP Board of Directors will welcome you with the warmth and affection of the past in this return to the future of our discipline.

Now, we look forward now to your message of support for SIDeLP and the title of your proposal for the presentation of this Interdisciplinary Consensus Conference SIDeLP on 28-30 November 2019.

Let’s go !
Prof. Dr. Torello Lotti 
Web page:  www.torellolotti.it